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Advanced Workshop

Sharpen your skills

‘Roast your patience, burn yourself, leave your ‘self’. That’s how we prepare the Actors.’


28 June - 20 July 2019 | Mon-Fri, 7pm - 10pm
Learn Intensive Advance techniques with Abhinay Banker

Aarambh Arts Academy Presents


Conducted by Abhinay Banker


Aarambh Arts Academy proudly presents our most popular and in demand ‘ONE MONTH ADVANCE ACTING WORKSHOP’. Every aspect and activity of this workshop is curated and designed for individuals who want to sharp their acting skills, step out of their comfort zone and eager to learn the craft and advanced techniques of acting for camera & Stage. We open our doorway to all the actors, and individuals who want to explore further possibilities and abilities within self, all are welcome to this workshop who wish to sharpen their acting talent, develop as a fine trained actor and a better human being. The workshop will be conducted by our mentor and the industry expert Abhinay Banker who is a well-known actor, director and screenwriter in the film and theatre fraternity.


Aarambh Arts Academy is an art institution run under a Public Charitable Trust, registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, based in Ahmadabad, INDIA and persists to work with a commitment to art activities. A wide vision of ‘Aarambh’ is bringing up excellence in arts, experimenting on arts and reaching out to the unspoken, with a language of arts. We believe in sharing ideas, experience, thoughts, knowledge, and activities.


Abhinay Banker is a graduate in Bachelor of Performing Arts in theatre and was awarded a Gold Medal from Gujarat University in 2009. Abhinay Banker is a renowned name of Gujarati theatre. He has earned accolades as an actor, director and scriptwriter. He has also won the Transmedia Award for Best actor (2013) for the critically acclaimed drama ‘Kasturba’ in which he played the character of Mahatma Gandhi..

He entered into Indian cinema with path breaking Gujarati feature film Kevi Rite Jaish (2012) which has won more than 20 awards. He has also acted in many short films like a short fiction film Gujarati Frock (2012) which was screened at Berlin Film Festival and also at FTII on celebration of completing 100 years of Indian Cinema, a Marathi short film Bhinti Maage (2013) (Behind the Wall) which has won Dada Saheb Phalke Award for best short. He acted in several films like Mijaaj, Reva, Manto etc.

Abhinay Banker is actively working as an actor / director in Indian theatre since 2006, he has experience with the directors from various countries like France, Italy, Australia, USA, Germany etc. He has performed leading roles under direction of renowned directors like Saumya Joshi, Mallika Sarabhai, Aditi Desai, Dinesh Khanna (National School of Drama), Astrid Bas (France), Abhishek Jain, Nitesh Tiwari, Rahul Bhole and many others.


28th June – 20th July, 2019. 

7pm to 10pm (5 days a week)

Venue: Karma Cafe, Jitendra Desai Hall, Navajivan Press Building,

B/h. Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.


  • Advance Acting Techniques for Stage & Camera.
  • Scene Work
  • Script Breakdown
  • Character Design.
  • Physical Movements and Performance.
  • Kalari Payattu.
  • Understanding of Core
  • Five Senses
  • Emotions & Expressions
  • Vocal Training
  • Workshop Completion Certificate
  • Drama Performance (Stage Play)

TO APPLY: Send us short brief intro about your prior acting experience or participation in any acting/theatre workshops.

Whatsapp on 7043215353 or E-mail: art.aarambh@gmail.com

REGISTRATIONS CLOSES 25th June 2019. Hurry up!!

For any more information and query, you can contact on +91 7043215353.

Reception at Karma Cafe (2pm – 7pm | Monday closed)



*Apply before 17th June and get Early Bird discount.*

  • Advanced vocal technique.
  • Mastering the tool and techniques of acting.
  • Dealing with emotions and expressions.
  • Detailed understanding of an actor’s body.
  • Transition of emotions, expressions and mood.
  • Understanding and building a character.
  • Sense of rhythm
  • Solo performance work.
  • Scene work- Individual & group
  • Crack your script – Understanding text, sub-text and script-o-meter.
  • Film screening: scene analysis and decoding actors’ techniques.
  • Audition preparation.


If you have basics knowledge of acting, then apply for our ‘Advanced workshop’ to sharpen your acting skills, Email us your work profile and your prior acting experience in theatre/ film/ television/ web series or any other medium, also if you have done any basic acting workshop in past, you are eligible to enrol for our Advanced acting class. E-mail: art.aarambh@gmail.com


Send us your inquiry via e-mail Email: art.aarambh@gmail.com or Call/WhatsApp us at: +91 7043215353

Venue: Navajivan Press Building, Karma Cafe, B/h. Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ashram road, Ahmedabad- 380014

For further information call us on: 7043215353