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Chalta Phirta Bambai

Darpana Academy - Theatre Group presents

A play in Hindi based on short stories by Saadat Hasan Manto
Adapted & Directed by Abhinay Banker

Chalta Phirta Bambai anchors three stories of women of different ages who are concurrently into prostitution innocently, forcefully or helplessly. Play depicts innocence of early teens (Dus Rupaye), fight for righteousness in twenties (Siraj) and frustrated exploration of one’s identity in late thirties (Hataq). These interlaced stories portray reality of life simultaneously challenge the idea of innocence, love, ethics, morality, and self-respect; and yet culminate into the blatancy existent in our society.

Stories are presented in musical fashion that includes a theme song, which was exclusively written and composed for the play. This 90minute play involves stage crafting that reflects Bombay of 50’s with Chawl, running tap water, Irani hotel, Rain, Scooter, Cycle, and even a vintage car creating the feel of Bombay city. Core of the stories has been preserved; the play has a character of Manto putting forth his arguments on why such stories need to be told.


Art direction: Satish Suthar, Mayur Chuhan, Megha Vyas

Production Design: Kunj Thakkar, Pauravi Joshi

Music arrangements: Saptak Mahershi

Lyrics: Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Mayur Trivedi

Lighting Design: Dhrunad Kamle, Mayur Trivedi

Lights: Jitu Bhrambhatt, Vasat Kori

Poster Design: Mitesh Nakum

Special Thanks: Nisarg Trivedi, Bhargav Purohit, Margey Rawal


Adesh Tomar, Adhwet Limbachiya, Afsha Shaik, Ankit Chandrashekhar, Ashish Yadav, Brinda Trivedi, Gopal Parmar, Hardik Aswani, Harsh Thakkar, Kelly Dhru, Kunj Thakkar, Mayur Chauhan, Mehul Parmar, Mitesh Nakum, Mohit Mehta, Pauravi Joshi, Ravi Thorat, Riya Shah, Sabak Joshi, Satish Suthar, Sparsh Vyas, Tarjani Bhadla, Urvashi Shrimali, Varun Kelaiya, Viral Nayak.