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Acting workshop

Film & Theatre Acting workshop for beginners

If you are a theatre and acting enthusiastic, then walk in and enrol yourself in the theatre workshops. You will learn about technicalities of theatre and film acting. Conducting the workshop will be a well known and eminent actor, director and screenwriter Abhinay Banker.  


Learning basics- Body & Voice
Developing presence as an actor
Mastering the tool and techniques of acting
Understanding a character
Script analysis, and actor's script
Scene work
Monologues and Group performances
Tips on - How to crack film auditions?

How to Apply?

If you have basics knowledge of acting, then apply for our ‘Advanced workshop’ to sharpen your acting skills, Email us your work profile and your prior acting experience in theatre/ film/ television, also if you have completed a basic acting workshop from anywhere, you will be called to enrol yourself in the our acting class. The workshop will teach you the technicalities and tools of acting. Conducting the workshop will be a well known eminent actor, director and screenwriter Abhinay Banker. Make sure you join in and unleash the actor in you.


Theatre workshop for beginners | Advanced workshop for actors.
For further information call us on: 7043215353